Mallorca: Interesting Facts About this Spanish Island

Mallorca, also referred to as Majorca, is a very beautiful Balearic island in Spain, located on the Mediterranean. It has become very popular today due to its warm weather, a huge number of beaches and good facilities for tourists. It has the Mediterranean climate consisting of bright and hot summers as well as stormy and mild winters. This beautiful island consists of many attraction sites that are of interest to tourists hence the significant growth in the number of visitors coming here each year. If you’re considering a holiday to relax and tour interesting places, then Mallorca can be the place to be. Here are some of the most interesting facts you didn’t know about Mallorca.


  1. Mallorca is Spain’s largest island. Its name means ‘larger island’ and is derived from the Latin phrase ‘insula maior’. Due to the mispronunciation of ‘insula maior’, it became known as Mallorca.


  1. This island has been home to very many tourists each year due to its favorable weather and beautiful beaches. This island is loaded with options when it comes to beaches and there are various romantic getaways to choose from.


  1. Mallorca’s population is about 900,000 people and almost half of these live in the capital Palma.


  1. This island welcomes thousands of cyclists every year who come here for training or professional cycling. Mallorca is a perfect training ground for cyclists due to its superb biking conditions. Mallorca has itself managed to produce some top quality cyclists which represent this island during competitions.


  1. In Mallorca, there are over 3000 restaurants. These restaurants range from five-star hotels to bars. These restaurants specialize in all types of cuisines from French, Spanish, Mexican, African, Italian, Chinese and fast foods among others.


  1. This island hosts 2 mountain ranges namely Serres de Llevant and Serra de Tramuntana. Also, it has Puig Major mountain which is the highest in the whole of the Balearic region.


  1. Mallorca’s most exceptional and largely visited attraction site is La Seu. This is cathedral dating back to 1230. Also, it has various cave systems such as the Coves del Drach found on the eastern side of the island. Tourists come to see these caves as well as the beautiful stalactites, underground lakes and stalagmites.


These are some of the most interesting facts about this fascinating Island of Mallorca in Spain.


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